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A real estate transaction does not have to be overwhelming. Even though it is a very important financial step, it can be pleasant and fun with the right amount of information, attitude and especially the right agent.

I feel the current market is so anxiety provoking for Buyers and Sellers because of a lack of current facts and the problem of setting unrealistic goals. Obviously buying and selling real estate is not a game. But there are strategies in each marketplace that once learned can help create a successful and even an enjoyable experience.

In 35+ years of residential real estate sales, I have become adept at helping to reduce the stress in each transaction. I work very hard to ensure that my clients have the essential knowledge to make careful decisions at every stage of their property sale or purchase. I handle only a few clients simultaneously so that I can spend more time on each transaction, hopefully ensuring a smooth and happy transition from first meeting to moving van. For me, the biggest thrill is placing families into homes they will love.

This is a time in real estate when an experienced agent can make a real difference. So let’s talk and see if we can find the right home for you…and even have some fun! Let me know how I can help you.

Testimonials and References upon request.