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What can you say about changing careers at 40? EXCITING!

Matt decided after 20 years in the Institutional Fixed Income arena to throw in the New York hours and give up his weekends. Matt’s career began 20 years ago with Shearson Lehman Hutton, Lehman Brothers and ultimately Money Market One. They were all great successes and challenges but Matt wanted something that gave him more interaction with his East Bay ties and community.

Matt volunteers his time between coaching kids in baseball and soccer and serves on both the Piedmont Baseball Foundation and Piedmont Soccer Club boards. He also carries on a family tradition by serving on the Holy Names University board. Matt is very active in the Piedmont schools through fundraising and being philanthropic with his time and energy.

Matt received his undergraduate degree from St Mary’s College with a Honors in Finance and a MBA from Santa Clara University. These degrees coupled with over 20 years of Institutional investing makes Matt a natural to help you with possibly your single biggest investment. Matt’s extensive Bay Area knowledge and personable nature will help you to get the best deals possible on both the buy and sell side.

Matt’s motto is that he will work on behalf of his clients to achieve the best prices WE believe the market will bear. Matt’s ‘hands on’ approach will make you feel like you are a team working together to accomplish a common goal.

Matt combines a highly thoughtful and very energetic personality, with a methodical and serious follow through to navigate the sometimes tricky process of buying or selling a home. Matt also has a one-of-a-kind Rolodex he enjoys sharing with his clients to introduce them to reputable people and resources to use on the ongoing day to day maintenance of their homes.

Third generation and life-long East Bay resident with his wife Margaret and two boys Winters and Teddy.

Make Matt a part of your team.

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