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Real estate is a natural fit for me. I thrive in an environment where I can come up with elegant solutions to complex challenges. Before I got my real estate license friends asked me to help navigate the buying and selling of their own homes and family members sought me out to help them upgrade, sell and manage rental properties.  I’ve now mastered the technical aspects of the business and my fascination with real estate continues. It is important for me to understand your motivation for buying or selling your property.  With a clear understanding of your interests I can help you realize your goals, and whenever possible, exceed them.

When transactions become complex, I am your best ally. I enjoy navigating complicated negotiations and am adept at keeping my clients focused and discerning so that they secure the perfect home or buyer. I have a solid track record in dealing with multiple offers and championing winning bids. I am able to close difficult deals by being strategic and working with a well-regarded team of technical and financial experts.  I am well respected in the real estate community and this serves my clients well in our competitive real estate market.

As a seasoned real estate investor and homeowner, I know how to transform properties with “good bones” and how to scrutinize homes advertised as “move-in ready,” so that when you take the key to the front door, you have complete peace of mind.


I spent many years running my own private health and fitness consulting business after receiving my Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from CSU Hayward and a Bachelors of Arts in English from UC Berkeley. My love of physiology stemmed from the several years competing on the National Rowing Team and was a member of the Barcelona Olympic Team in ’92. My husband is an architect and when needed, he lends his second pair of eyes to help evaluate a property’s potential.  We live in Piedmont and have two children attending Wildwood Elementary School.


“The offer process was competitive and the closing costs were tricky and I know that we would not have succeeded without Liz’s experience, dedication and professionalism…She is part of a very strong team and I found this to be invaluable. Essential communications with appraisers, loan and escrow officers and the seller’s agent proceeded seamlessly…I cannot recommend her highly enough.”       - Nicholas

“I cannot imagine a better person than Liz to help us through the process of buying our first house…She is a great listener and really took the time to understand what we were looking for – and ultimately, helped us find it. She was never, ever pushy but always available and present at the right times. Working with Liz was a pleasure from start to finish.”         - Hagar

“My wife and I worked with Liz for over a year trying to find a great house to upgrade to. Throughout 7 very competitive offers, countless discussions, and one very complex inspection period, Liz more than impressed us with her professionalism, knowledge and patience. With each house, Liz was right-on with her offer advice and each time we were right in the top of the bidding. We won two of those bids, but both times under extenuating circumstances we ended up not taking the house. What impresses us most about Liz is her “gets it” factor -- she knows the market as an agent and knows houses and neighborhoods as a “real” person. We feel as though we have been working with a friend.”        - Jeff