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I am dedicated to making the sale of your home a wonderful and smooth experience. Years of teaching prior to beginning my real estate career in 1999 provided me with the knowledge, skills and patience to walk sellers and buyers through the sometimes overwhelming process of a real estate transaction. This background has helped me obtain the best results for my clients. My track record is complimented by the fact that ninety percent of my business comes from referrals from satisfied clients.

Real estate is definitely in my blood with my mother, aunt and uncle who sell in various areas of California. Traveling is a great passion. Having lived in Japan for three years and traveled in over 50 countries, I have a heightened awareness of the cultural subtleties of moving to a new neighborhood, state, or country. I am a resident of Oakland and understand investing in real estate. My own personal experience with purchasing and selling properties has provided significant insight for my clients. I am a committed professional and plan on being in this most intriguing industry for years to come.


Kara is the most professional, dedicated and considerate agent I have ever worked with, and I have had the chance to work with hundreds of real estate professionals through my work. Kara has helped us with several real estate transactions and she has NEVER let us down in any way. 
Our last real estate transactions occurred in the Fall of 2007, right when the credit and mortgage markets began to collapse. Not only did we find finance and buy a home, she also sold our house during the first week it was listed. We actually had planned on the marketing taking over 90 days and weren't prepared to move! It was a great problem to have. 
Her results have been fantastic and moreover, it always feels like we are working with not just an expert professional, but also a trusted friend who actually cares about the outcome and the impact to her clients…..not just her commission. Kara is the best; she will be our real estate agent as long as she will have our business.  -Douglas R. Fritz

Not much to say other than Kara was great for us on a personal and a business level. She sold our house at a tough time for a good price and negotiated a great deal on our new buy. We love her.  Joe Parisi

The key to getting good value is to Listen to Kara! I followed her recommendations and we sold our house promptly, Kara gave us an accurate pulse of the Market that was trending towards more discerning buyers. We were living several hundred miles away and had to depend on Kara's skill, knowledge, and contractor base to make some minimum improvements and stage the property for it to sell quickly. Kara is a professional in an industry with many amateurs.  Jonathan Montfort

Kara's performance was stellar throughout the entire transaction. Every detail was meticulously reviewed and carried out with a great deal of integrity. I highly recommend Kara as a seasoned Real Estate Professional.  Isidro Alvarez

Kara helped me buy a home in Emeryville during a work relocation. Kara was very knowledgeable about the East Bay area, and helped me strategize my bid. I found this very useful because bidding strategy and knowledge of the Easy Bay were two things I did not have knowledge of and needed to rely on someone for heavily.  We ended up finding an amazing studio loft that was underpriced by nearly $50k! Additionally, it was a short drive to all my favorite spots - Berkeley Bowl, Yoga to the People, Ironworks and, of course, BART! I've been happily living in this creative space for the last year and a half, and I have Kara's skill and expertise as a Real Estate Agent to thank for it.  Joseph Wood