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We want to be your guides through the labyrinth of real estate. Buying or selling a property is a major event and truly a complicated process. We specialize in making that event a seamless process by educating you, our clients. As a Seller, we will educate you about the market, prepare your home for sale, and assemble a complete portrait of your property for prospective buyers. We consider it our job to know all we can about your property, and market it in a creative way.

For Buyers we spend a great deal of time educating you about the market and the differing neighborhoods in the East Bay. We want to know what your needs are; and these needs range from architectural styles, gardens, proximity to BART and bus lines, schools, shopping, restaurants and coffee. We like to educate you thoroughly about the different neighborhoods, and always include an informative tour of several neighborhoods before you begin the offer process.

We understand that real estate transactions can be stressful. Buying or selling a property is an emotional process, We will make sure that you feel that your expectations were handled carefully and respectfully!