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With more than 18 successful years of residential real estate experience in Montclair, Piedmont, Oakland and Berkeley, Bettina Balestrieri continues to be one of the most energetic and professional agents with The Grubb Company. In 1988, she embarked upon her real estate career as an assistant to Donald Woolhouse, a former principal of The Grubb Company. His mentoring inspired her mastery of negotiating and analyzing properties for clientele that she continues to build on today.

Bettina’s vibrant, positive approach to real estate assures her success in finding or selling properties. Her honesty and tenaciousness also ensures completion of every transaction to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Whenever clients become too emotional during negotiations, Bettina’s warm enthusiasm and wonderful sense of humor often diffuses their most stressful moments.

Bettina always provides the very highest level of care and integrity in her relationships. She will do whatever it takes, even orchestrating all the professional services necessary (including contractors, decorators, painters and onsite inspections) to sell a house. Her genuine care and concern for each person has resulted in strong working relationships that last well beyond the last transaction. In fact, most of her clientele have become personal friends and a great percentage of her business is from former client referrals.

“We are thrilled with the vibrant enthusiasm Bettina brings to The Grubb Company,” says Donald Grubb Jr. “Her good taste in style and design is well defined.”


  • Graduate of U.C. Berkeley with a Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Art History; earned Master’s degree from the Department of Near Eastern Studies
  • Lifelong resident of Oakland; strong familiarity with Oakland and Berkeley’s residential neighborhoods and school systems
  • Expert in staging properties and critiquing properties for sale
  • Extremely patient with first-time home buyers

Client Testimonial

Bettina helped me get my first choice house on the first try in a difficult market where almost any property for sale by agent triggers multiple offers, commonly six figures higher than asking price. She spent a remarkable amount of time getting to know me and what I need, and I am a tough customer - I insisted on something stylish, in good condition, with at least 2 bedrooms plus bonus space, covered parking, in a neighborhood that’s walkable, bike-able, and safe, and priced much lower than those all things would cost in chi-chi neighborhoods.

Housing inventory in my price range is very low here so the search encompassed several cities and styles of homes - detached, condominium, and multi-unit. Another top-notch realtor I interviewed would not accept that scope of a search, preferring I focus on single-family homes in a few neighborhoods and stay in temporary housing if necessary. In contrast, Bettina was ready to hunt down the best deals in whatever form they appeared.

When the moment came to make my offer for the nice house in the safe walkable neighborhood, things had to move very fast - the seller’s deadline for reviewing offers was only about 3 days after we discovered the listing. But Bettina had foreseen that things might have to happen in a hurry. The procedures were very unfamiliar to me - buying and borrowing have changed a lot since I was last on the market more than 10 years ago - and Bettina applied a lot of knowledge and energy to guide me and to undertake all the process steps in a hurry.

The high level of effort did not stop when the seller accepted my offer, but continued through an accelerated closing process that was only about 17 days. The fast close was part of my offer, and was important to the seller. And besides, Bettina seemed to honestly want to get me out of having to find temporary housing. In fact, she had outstanding advice on everything from lender, offer price, even to what refrigerator to get (the house did not come with a fridge and it turned out there are only like 2-3 models sold in the US that fit comfortably in the odd-sized spot for the fridge).

It seemed that Bettina and I just clicked. I can’t promise that would happen to you but I recommend her to anyone who is motivated, has a realistic budget, and wants to get the most for their money.    - Michael, Home Buyer

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