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About Judy and Ben

With 29 years as a real estate professional, Judy Cain has long been a GRUBB Company top-producing broker. In 2006 when she teamed up with her son, Ben Kahn, the partnership proved to be a true benefit to her clientele! “We broadened our service and doubled our attention to detail,” remarks Judy. “Our strengths dovetail to create an effective partnership.”

Judy and Ben find fulfillment as Realtors on both personal and professional levels. We form a team with you and together we pursue the objective. We listen, counsel and attain clients’ goals.

We make it Easy to be a Buyer!  

You need an EXPERT who inspires confidence.


A vast and varied skill set is needed to properly represent you.


Preparing for the right opportunity requires focus, legwork and thorough knowledge of the comparable sales. We take you from 0 to 60 so you understand where your desired home fits on the value spectrum.


A desirable property can catch the eye of more than one buyer. Years of experience and success has prepared us to represent you in a competitive situation and prevail!


When embarking on this journey, you place your trust in us. We hold this trust dear. Throughout the process, you need to know that ethical conduct is first and foremost in our dealings with you and the community at large.


It takes energy and attentiveness to stay on top of the inventory and bring you advance knowledge of the upcoming listings.


Understanding your needs and wants requires communication as well the ability to empathize with your feelings that are difficult to articulate.


Buying a home should be exciting and fun! We get tremendous satisfaction when you find and secure the home that you embrace and love!


We make it POSSIBLE to be a successful seller!

You need a PROJECT MANAGER to manage the PROCESS.


A comprehensive plan placed on the calendar is a starting point. We clearly define and assign the tasks and establish deadlines for meeting goals.


Preparing your home for sale is important. We help you set priorities and gather estimates from our team of vendors and effectively leverage your dollars.


We explain pricing strategies so you choose the one that is best for your family and existing market conditions.


We reach the target audience for your home and our brand is widely recognized. During a listing presentation, we show you what we do to promote your property.


We bring our skilled photographers in to capture the finished project. Pictures will saturate the Internet and entice buyers and agents to visit our open homes.

Purchase Contract…

Our teamwork brings us an offer, which we help negotiate and ratify. Once escrow is opened, we stay involved through the removal of contingencies and final recording of the grant deed.

Pack and Move…

We understand that selling your home is just one part of a larger process and we work hard to ensure a smooth transition to your next home.


“We can’t tell you how lucky we feel to have had the chance to work with you and Ben and to get to know you both.  Between the two of you, you took what could be a very stressful process and you made it easy and fun.  And the people who work with you are a testament to the special relationships you build with everyone you touch.  I’m looking forward to knowing you both for a long time!”    - Megan Klein & Seymond Pon

“The sale of a home can be an overwhelming experience but with Ben and Judy’s expertise and flexibility, they made the entire process smooth, manageable and fun.  They are a professional and personable team and it was a true pleasure working with them.    - Lesley & Gary Zalewski

“Both Deepa and I would like to thank you for helping us buy our house.  We are so glad we made the decision to work with you.  Thank you for making the experience much more pleasant and painless than we could have imagined.”    - Madhav & Deepa Mehra

“You are the consummate real estate professionals, setting yourselves apart by attention to detail, honesty, and unrelenting advocacy for your client.  You made sure that our offer was complete and successful in a multiple offer competition.  You were everything we could have hoped for in an agent!”     

- Sabrina & Peter Landreth

“We would like to thank you for all your help.  Individually, you are smart, responsive and professional; collectively, you’ve made an enormous, life-changing transaction smooth, streamlined and, dare I say, easy (well, appear easy, at any rate.). Thank you so much!”    -Wendy & Mark Shewmaker

“Judy and Ben sold my house in an extraordinary 3 weeks right before the holidays.  Starting with fixing, painting, staging, sprucing, and ending with photos, website, sketches, publicity, open houses and negotiating the deal, everything was done with impeccable taste, commitment, and understanding.  Then the race was on to find a new home. Again, they have the team it takes to get it done right.  First getting the buyer to give me a 30 day rent back, going through the inventory, finding the perfect house, getting it closed in a record 18 days, and never letting any hurdle get in the way.  Surprises and opportunities always pop up along the way.  Judy and Ben find solid solutions with grace under tremendous time pressure.  They moved me from backup to buyer, got the price I could afford, removed the contingencies, and got everything done to make the transition as easy as possible and the result is a dream home.  Leaving a house after 18 years is a difficult transition; Judy and Ben are the team that makes your dreams come true.”    -Leslie Smith

“We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed working with you in the purchase of our new home and the sale of our old home.  We truly believe that the manner in which you presented our offer was a major factor in its acceptance.  We were impressed with the care in which you transitioned from being our buyer’s agents to our seller’s agents.  Every recommendation you made was spot on!  Your calm demeanor helped turn a stressful time into something we actually enjoyed!  We have no hesitation recommending you to anybody looking to buy or sell in the East Bay.”    -Tracy Clements & Alex Peterson

“Judy Cain and Ben Kahn turned a potentially stressful experience into a very fun experience.  Shortly after they sold our last home, they got us our lovely new home.  It was a very smooth transition and we felt confident every step of the way.  Due to Ben and Judy’s expertise, we sold our home in two weeks in a difficult market during the holiday season!  They’re extremely attentive, have great ideas, and are a delight to work with.  We have recommended them highly to several co-workers and friends, and we will definitely contact them in the future to help us purchase more property.  Thanks you two!”    - Mario & Xochitl Gavidia

“You were a tremendous resource in helping us sell our home on Longridge Road.  From the minute we decided to sell, you were there with advice, guidance, and a long list of resources to help us get the house on the market quickly.  Your knowledge of the Crocker neighborhood is unsurpassed, and steady, professional approach is exactly what we were looking for when we listed our home.  There is a reason you are ‘The Best’... and we saw it first hand.  You are a true pleasure to work with.”    - Chris Blair

“You advised me every step of the way, and my trust in your judgment proved well-placed. My house sold within the time frame I needed and at a price that exceeded my expectations. It is always a pleasure to work with a professional; it was a great pleasure working with you. Thank you.”   - Neil Shapiro

“I wanted to thank you again for all of the work that you did in selling out house. A house is so emotional, much more than just a business transaction. I was so grateful for your perspective, your business acumen, your patience and your empathy. You eased the stress level considerably...and you smiled and laughed and kept me informed all along the way. Thank you for helping to make this part of the transition into our new life so pleasant.”   - Lizz Hund

“Marv and I wanted to express our appreciation for the very professional marketing that you did with the recent sale of our home. Having sold six homes from New York to California, we had very high expectations for the listing agent that we selected to sell our home in California. You clearly exceeded our expectations with your savvy marketing and astute negotiating strategies. In addition, your impeccable interpersonal communication skills added that personal touch that helped to ease potentially stressful situations and helped to reassure us that everything was going to be fine. As an experienced real estate agent, you were visionary and proactive in foreseeing potential problems. You were always “front running” for us with constant energy. Last but not least, we had fun selling our house with you.”     - Barbara & Marvin Winkfield

“Judy is a very professional agent with great attention to detail and follow through. Her knowledge of the neighborhood and marketing savvy enabled us to sell our home quickly with multiple offers. She has a great eye for interior design and was most helpful in staging our home and preparing it to be photographed for the GRUBB Co. website.    - Rita Goodell

“Judy is one of the most honest and straightforward people I’ve ever worked with in real estate. Her attention to detail, her effective negotiating tactics and her persistence in the art of the deal paid off handsomely for our family. With five other offers on the table, Judy made sure that ours was the one that the sellers grabbed! And during escrow, she never, never let up. Thank you, Judy, for simply defining professionalism!”    - Phil & Tracy Schroeder

“Without Judy, I’m sure that we would never have been able to buy our house. She’s really a fabulous real estate agent — friendly and thoughtful, but a tough negotiator who knows her stuff. I’d recommend Judy to anyone who wants to buy in the East Bay.”   -  JoAnne Robb

“This is a letter of recommendation for Judith Cain.  By background, I am a California attorney having practiced law in Orange County for 32 years.  My specialty areas are real estate, probate, trust and will law.  I have never seen a broker for residential real property who know exactly what she was doing, was so responsive and detailed, and who knew precisely how to put a fast real estate transaction together in a situation where the complexities of the trust, trustee and beneficiaries had to be carefully handled.  She did so expertly.  I voluntarily have written this missive of recommendation because it is so unusual in today’s real estate brokerage community to find an individual with such high level of intelligence, legal understanding and likability.  I end by repeating what I told her early on:  “If I was buying or selling a house anywhere, I would want her to represent me personally.”     - Richard Pinto, Attorney at Law