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Annie Walrand has a zest for living which she applies to life and to her residential real estate career.  Her careful planning and thoughtful execution expertly guide her clientele in finding the home of their choice.  Annie is known to be a sellers’ and buyers’ broker.  She fervently negotiates bids and handles a myriad of details to prepare and sell a home successfully, achieving the optimum sales price for her sellers.  She enjoys dedicating herself fully to her buyers as well.

Born and raised in the French-speaking part of Belgium, Annie came to Berkeley in 1975 when her husband was admitted to the Ph.D. program in Electrical Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley.  After working in legal administration for a number of years, Annie began selling residential real estate in Berkeley.  She has become a residential specialist and is known in the community as an experienced and trustworthy real estate agent.

Annie’s patience, intuition and genuine interest in her industry enable her to easily associate people with the home that fulfills their expectations.  “I love helping my clients throughout the entire process.”  Annie maintains a network of professional stagers, landscapers, painters, inspectors and contractors who support her clientele.  Her teamwork approach, coupled with her honesty and integrity, has endeared her to the brokerage community.

“Annie’s knowledge of real estate marketing strategies is exceptional.  She uses a number of online and high-tech techniques to ensure her clients’ satisfaction,” says D.J. Grubb, president of The Grubb Company.


Selling residential real estate in Berkeley, Oakland and Piedmont since 1989; joined The Grubb Company in 2002 from Templeton and Co.

Professional and passionate about buying and selling real estate

Very familiar with our community schools and resources

Bilingual; husband CAL Professor in EECS; two daughters who attended Ecole Bilingue, Berkeley High School, UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz

Annie’s Clients’ Comments:

… very knowledgeable and professional in negotiating the offer …

We would like to express our extreme pleasure and gratification at having worked with Annie Walrand of the Grubb Company. In helping us find our new home in Berkeley, she was knowledgeable and results-oriented. Beyond that, she brought a warm-hearted joy to the process.

Annie was particularly useful in introducing us to the various neighborhoods and architectural styles in Berkeley. She was able to take us from the all too vague goal of “moving to Berkeley” to a defined list of needs and wants. She attended brokers’ tours with our specific goals in mind and was right on target when recommending properties that would match our taste and budget. Annie was forthright and realistic in describing potential trade-offs and downsides to a property as well.

Berkeley is currently a very competitive market, making it a bit challenging for buyers. One event that particularly struck us in the whole process was when one property rapidly bid out of our price range. Annie very sympathetically promised that she would find the perfect property for us – and a few short weeks later, she succeeded with a place that matched and exceeded our hopes!

Annie was again very knowledgeable and professional in negotiating the offer and guiding us through the detailed paperwork. She has also been able to provide us with a list of resources for some of the repairs and remodeling we are planning.

All in all, Annie was able to not only bring her knowledge and resources to bear on our needs – she also made a potentially stressful process enjoyable. Annie is not only skilled, but shares her pleasure in playing matchmaker between houses and their buyers. It has been a delight to work with her.   - Karin and Shel

.…most enjoyable real estate purchase…

Working with Annie was the easiest and most enjoyable real estate purchase we have ever experienced. Annie was referred to us. We were interested in a house and wanted to make an offer immediately. To our surprise in her soft-spoken voice, Annie mentioned all the reasons why this was not a safe investment for us and reassured us that we would find a better deal. At first, we were disappointed, but just hours later, we realized that she was quite right in her judgment and had saved us from a big mistake. A few days later, we had found a house that was not only much better, but that was also a jewel. Annie s expertise gave us time and peace of mind that we would find something better. This was our ninth real estate purchase and the first time our Realtor did not push us to buy but actually said, “Don’t buy!”

… This experience was so pleasant that we were truly sad we didn’t have a reason to see Annie anymore. So now we have to think up other reasons to get together.   -  Thanks, Annie! Rick and Susie

 …unending patience…

We are particularly difficult clients, yet not only has Annie shown unending patience during our 6-month, 8-bid search, but her knowledge about properties and the market along with her recommendations about inspectors allowed us to get a house for less than the asking price in a very competitive market. That speaks for itself. To this day, we consider her a good friend.   - Jonathan and Re-Cheng

Down to earth, direct, forthright, honest…

From the moment we met, I knew you were the one I wanted to work with. It is something I never had second thoughts about. Down to earth, direct, forthright, honest, scrupulous, and interesting are some of your traits that come to mind. Yes, I will miss seeing you on a regular business. Thank you, Annie!   - Charlotte

… handholding…

Thank you for all the help and handholding for the sale of our home. We know it was trying at times. We enjoyed getting to know you. We look forward to seeing you again soon.   - Mike and Toni

…received seven offers on the home we sold, all above the asking price …

Annie Walrand wore two hats for us. She helped us to both buy a new home and to sell our old home – both located in Berkeley. As it had been several decades since we bought our original house, she guided us through both processes with great care and effectiveness. The entire process ran about three months and we can honestly say that there was never a moment that we felt she was not focused on assisting us in every way possible. Her professionalism, quiet sense of humor, steadiness, organization and constant communications made it a very smooth process with little stress. She helped us negotiate the purchase of our new home in a realistic way and understand the strategy of pricing and accepting offers for the home we sold. There was never pressure imposed, only sound advice given. In the end, we received seven offers on the home we sold, all above the asking price, during a very mixed market period. We recommend her without reservation.   - Karen and Marc