Welcome to the Grubb Company

The Grubb Company has been the leading East Bay luxury residential real estate brokerage company in our community, providing homeowners and buyers with the same exceptional services and results since 1967. We are a full-service company with a team of over 75 very qualified agents, 15 full-time support staff, and countless homes for sale in Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley, CA and the surrounding East Bay Area.

Our history

In 1967, Donald Grubb Sr. left Grubb & Ellis to found The Grubb Company. As a student of the residential real estate brokerage business and a true technician, he envisioned a highly effective, locally owned luxury real estate company with a broad footprint. His vision has proven to be a very strong legacy. His motto, “Buy with confidence — sell with satisfaction,” still holds true for us at The Grubb Company.

A luxury real estate firm in a dynamic new environment

While The Grubb Company has grown significantly since it was founded almost a half century ago, our principals, D.J. Grubb and John Karnay manage the business with the same sense of excitement and innovation only a boutique firm can provide.

Our agents are seasoned professionals with the experience and knowledge to work in one of the most competitive markets in the country. We work together as a team to ensure your goals are respected, your needs are met and every transaction runs smoothly.

Innovation through technology

The Grubb Company has remained a powerhouse in the local East Bay real estate industry by continuously monitoring and adopting new technologies that make the real estate sales experience dynamic and positive for clients.

Today, we are accessible to you on a level that was never before possible. We provide easy and immediate access to the information you need in person, on your mobile device and online.

On our website, you’ll find the most comprehensive online portfolio of East Bay residential properties in the market. We enhance our Internet presence by posting listings and open homes on our Facebook page, where sellers can learn more about the market and buyers can communicate with realtors and share listings with friends.

Our agents upload video tours on YouTube to provide an intimate medium for buyers to preview homes and neighborhoods.

Additionally, our memberships with international real estate companies allow sellers to reach affluent buyers from over 200 countries globally. Buyers can use these same services to locate homes and investment real estate opportunities abroad.

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At your service

Our principals, DJ Grubb and John Karnay, work every day with clients in our two local offices in Oakland’s Montclair Village and Berkeley. Feel free to stop in and talk with us about your real estate needs.

You’ll find that when you walk into The Grubb Company, you are treated exactly the same, whether you are spending $400,000 or $4 million. That’s something that will never change.

Call 510-339-0400 to locate an agent or learn more about how we can help you sell or buy your home.