Ed Kuo

Ed Kuo

His friends called him “Status” as in “Status” Kuo. But those who really understand Ed know the nickname is the exact opposite of what he embodies. For him, life is a pursuit of excellence and a commitment to going above and beyond to improve other people’s lives.

Ed knows that buying or selling a home is an important financial transaction, and that preparation is nine-tenths of a successful one. When Ed puts a house on the market, it is ready to show and sell. With his experience in accounting and strong analytical insights, Ed also has the ability to quickly size up bidding situations and provide intelligent and informed recommendations. His local market knowledge and financial expertise always gives his clients a competitive advantage.

Ed is highly ethical and feels morally obligated to do the best job possible for each client. He takes great pride in taking care of people, who count on him to help them make difficult decisions and be straightforward with them. As a result, most of his clients are referrals from past clients, mortgage brokers, and even other local realtors who trust his sound judgment.

As a father, Ed believes that professional real estate service is based on a commitment to caring for the families. “Real estate isn’t just about financial transactions and houses, it is about the lives and dreams of the people I represent,” he says. “What I love best about my work is the knowledge that I was able to make a true impact in a family’s life and in some way help them achieve their goals and dreams.” Ask anyone who has ever worked with Ed and they’ll agree that he provides service you can rely on. Give him a call today.


Selling residential and income real estate since 1989; with The Grubb Company since 1993
Prior to selling real estate, he worked with the prestigious accounting firm of Ernst & Young and became a CPA in 1998
Focuses on maintaining the highest quality in every transaction, not quantity
Grew up in the East Bay; understands the needs of people moving into the area, and knows community and cultural resources
Trusted partnerships with a vast network of professional architects, contractors, stagers, and interior designers
Serves on the board of directors with ARC, a nonprofit educational research foundation, helping to promote educational excellence and equality for under-served students